Beta Presentation – Rumeysa Ceylan

This beta presentation discusses a few things that stood out to me when I viewed the resources that my peers had given me. I have indicated that the youth will have no concept of privacy, as digital advertising is in everything they do online. I have also chosen to go for a creepy mood for this animation as my digital artefact is supposed to make my audience feel disturbed, which is also reflected in Ciara’s feedback, when she said it can really scare people off. Nicole’s resources also made me think that Alphonso should not have respect for privacy just like Google Home. Note: DA will be an actual advertisement.

6 thoughts on “Beta Presentation – Rumeysa Ceylan

  1. Hey Rumeysa, what an interesting idea for a digital artefact. I like how you have gone for a ‘creepy mood’ kind of thing to make your audience feel uncomfortable. I think you could look into devices/virtual assistants such as Alexa, Google Home, Siri as these devices are listening to us 24/7 as well. To give you an idea, I did some research and found an article on how Alexa is changing the future of advertising (can be found here)
    I think this article can give you a direction to focus on as it is a good example relating to the future.


  2. Hey Rumeysa,

    I loved your idea and how it takes a dark turn. Especially how you keep mentioning “you have no privacy” it felt like having no privacy is the new normal. Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more sophisticated every day. As these developments progress, the way we display and consume advertisements will change with it.

    Lexus’ newest ad, which it’s billing as the advertising industry’s first commercial scripted by artificial intelligence. Check it out here, and it is surprisingly good.

    In my DA, i talked about how Facebook is listening to us and how we have a conversation about a certain product and suddenly the ad shows up online. You could probably add that into your advertisement as well, saying that you’re always “listening.”

    Super keen on how your DA turns out! All the best.


  3. Awesome idea Rumeysa!

    Something you could mention in your DA would be the Internet of Things, which is the ‘interconnectedness via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data’. Alphonso could use this to take data from every appliance in a home (including when, how, and for how long you use the appliance), to help it to better understand an individuals’ behaviours, and thus predict their wants and needs, even before they recognise them.

    Another thing that could be even more invasive and confronting (but beneficial for Alphonso and marketers $$$) is the use of live physiological monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, insulin levels, temperature, nutrients balance etc. through a watch or small device attached to you. This could be advertised as a “Health & Safety” benefit of Alphonso, as “it is able to monitor you/your loved ones/your children’s physical health in real time, to ensure any negative health conditions are detected early before they become harmful” – in reality, this function is used to generate data associated with their physical state, that can be used to develop insights about a persons emotional responses to certain stimuli – Alphonso: “I can sense that you are upset. Let me order some of your favourite ice-cream to make you feel better”.

    This idea of tracking and monitoring people’s physical state is already underway. Smart watches collect all sorts of data, including whether you’re walking, running, cycling, or sleeping. This article talks about how, soon, this technology will be able to know what your hands are doing just by the motion!

    Good luck with the final Assessment!


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