Blog Post 2

I have provided feedback on all three of my assigned peers, on their digital artefact pitch presentations. First I commented on Nicole Gentle’s presentation. Nicole proposed the idea of starting a fictional blog to convey how society has a social and ecological impact on the world and on each other. She mentioned that she will combine both of her majors to speak out to the audience in a way that will trigger their imagination and critical thinking abilities. Her intention is to make a product that will make the audience think of what kind of an impact they have on the world and the environment they live in. I like this idea of conveying where ecology is leading the world because of human impact. Like Emran Fejzuli has mentioned, taking a political approach is one way to go about it. Being visual is another way. I suggested that illustrations could be an interesting experience for the audience. “Between Bears Ears and Daneros Mine” by Mary Mattingly 2018, is one example of a work that could be an inspiration. Mattingly visually imposes a post apocalyptic future in her work, where humans are forced to live nomadically through the wreckage of civilization. Mattingly’s work would be a good inspiration to Nicole if she wanted to explain a narrative visually, on her fictional blog.

As a pregnant woman, Ciara Garvin has decided to explore how children are affected by the developing world. Genetic alterations is a serious concern for Ciara and any of her future children to be born, so she has decided to make a podcast, discussing with her husband whether they would be willing to genetically alter their future children. Science is not really my forte, so when I heard that genetic alterations for unborn babies was a thing, I was very surprised. Listening to both Ciara’s and her partner’s point of view on this topic would be quite interesting for the audience. I suggested to Ciara that perhaps getting third party opinions, such as other family members and friends or even people they have never met, would also make the podcast more engaging. Hearing various perspectives is always mind opening.

Emran Fejzuli’s pitch for his Digital Artefact was particularly interesting to me as I also Digital Media. Emran has decided to make a video essay about the future of film making, and the essay will have a chronological nature. He will cover the past and current technologies used in filmmaking, and explore how changes in technology will shape the future of filmmaking. Through the screenings of this subject it is clearly evident how much the film industry has developed already. The nature of pre-production, production and post-production is one thing Emran can focus on. But perhaps a more interesting thing to focus on, which I will never get over, is interactive movies, and one example is the Netflix original, Bandersnatch (Slade,2018), where the audience uses the controller to make choices for the protagonist. This concept of interactivity on Netflix can also be implemented in movie theatres. Everyone in the theatre could be provided with a tablet to make a vote on what the protagonist does next. I look forward to looking at Emran’s digital essay, and I wish all of my peers the best in their final project.

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